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Well it's 2014...2013 sure flew by like a blink of an eye! Well it did for me anyways! I hope to really expand my business this year. I have lots of plans. Many, many plans. I just hope they all pan out to be what I hope for! 

As of right now I am selling mainly hats in my etsy shop...you can check them out through this link https://www.etsy.com/shop/Maddiesdivinedesigns?ref=si_shop  

I hope to add many more pant sets, headbands, props, you name it! 

Below are some of my most popular creations. 

This bright little hat is definitely one of my most popular ones. Sometimes I have so many people trying to purchase it I have customers sending me messages saying it was available one minute and not the next. :)

This pink pom pom hat has also become quite popular. I love making these hats!

Now this bear hat is very popular. I see it pinned all over pinterest. I make them like crazy. I love every minute though, how can you not love making a teddy bear hat?!


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